Omer Ayfer

Oakland, California, USA
Omer Ayfer v0.1


I am a technologist, IT leader, lecturer and a cook. As of early 2017, I hold a position at a biotechnology company and also stay fresh by contributing in a number of advisory roles helping biotechnology startups find the right technology direction for their teams. I make time to deliver talks on topics such as blockchain and cryptography to a wide variety of audiences, with regular appearances as a guest lecturer at the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley.

Relevant Professional History

Veracyte, Inc. South San Francisco, CA (2015 - present)

IT Director

Merritt College Oakland, CA (2017 - present)

Adjunct Professor

Consortium of Information Systems Executives Silicon Valley, CA (2016 - present)

Administrative Chair of the CDP

Sequenta, Inc. South San Francisco, CA (2013 - 2015)

Head of IT

Mendel Biotechnology, Inc. Hayward, CA

Programmer/Analyst (2002 - 2008), Director, IT and Communications (2008 - 2013)


My most valuable technical skill is the ability to translate real-world needs into effective technology solutions.

My most valuable soft skill is communication, including distilling technical content for non-technical audiences.

I enjoy an even split between time spent on managerial and engineering tasks, and mostly held roles that required hands-on expertise in:

I have strong technological preferences but also believe any major style (e.g. vmware or openstack, AWS or GCP) can work well when correctly implemented and managed.

Examples of taste: I prefer vi over emacs, Ansible over Chef and have recently come to terms with Python being better than Perl. I use Mac OSX on my laptop and Fedora on my workstation, with access to a Windows virtual desktop. I am a big fan of free and open source software.


Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering
Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

Leadership Development Program
Center for Creative Leadership, San Diego, CA


Since 2015 I have been giving guest lectures on topics including blockchain, information security and career development at UC Berkeley, Purdue University and Merritt College.

In May 2010, I served as a Grand Awards Judge (Computer Science) at Intel ISEF in San Jose, CA.

While I was unemployed as an entry-level job seeker just after the dot-com crash, I co-authored a book:
"Kim Korkar Linux'tan?" (Who's afraid of Linux?), 2003, an introductory book about Linux in Turkish